COVID-19 Office Protocols

Jade air purifierOur biggest change has been installing the Surgically Clean Air JADE air purifying system. We have a JADE unit in each one of our treatment rooms and one in our waiting room. These state-of-the-art machines can turn over the air in the room within just 5 minutes to ensure we have clean air circulating at all times. Our staff is also sanitizing and disinfecting every surface of every room before and after each treatment visit.

We screen our patients before they even set foot in our office. Prior to your visit, you will receive an e-mail asking you to complete a COVID questionnaire. If we see an answer that raises concerns, you may be contacted for additional information, and our doctors will determine whether it is safe for you to come to your visit. To protect our patients and staff, it is helpful if you complete this questionnaire BEFORE you arrive for your visit. We ask our families to send us a text or call us when they arrive, and we will let you know when we are ready to have you come in to be screened. When you do enter our office, we will perform a re-screening and temperature check before you enter the office door. Once inside, you will notice we have moved our seats in the waiting area so they are in groupings that are six feet apart. We also have a large overflow waiting room across the hall from our office (Suite 150) available for your use in order to keep everyone at a safe social distance.

We require all patients to wear masks, except when having treatment performed. We suggest parents wait in the car, outside, or in one of our socially distant waiting areas during the child's visit. You can speak to a staff member or doctor via phone before or after your visit to summarize the visit and discuss any concerns. If you do choose to accompany your child, you will be required to wear a mask and have your temperature taken as well, and only one parent may accompany the child.  We have also created a no-contact prize window, where patients view the available prizes through a glass window and point to what prize they would like. A staff member will bring your child their prize, in order to avoid patients spreading germs sifting through a prize basket.

Our doctors and staff wear masks all day long. For many procedures, staff and doctors will also don a special N95 mask, hair covering, gown, and face shield. We take our staff's temperatures daily and have them answer the same questionnaire our patients do each morning they report to work.

We take the health of our patients very seriously here at GEPD. We look forward to welcoming you back for a safe experience at your next dental visit!